Elenbaas Hardwood Inc. specializes in poplar, oak, maple and cherry and a variety of other specialty woods. We also stock a variety of MDF mouldings. In addition, we have the capability of making quality mouldings for custom and restoration projects from your sample or full- scale drawings.

Elenbaas Hardwood Inc. is also a supplier of a wide range of interior wood products, from plywood to pre-hung doors and stairway systems. While we can’t list everything we make or supply here, we encourage you to ask us about your needs.

Whether Elenbaas Hardwood Inc. manufactures the product or acts as a supplier, our quality standards are exacting. Our reputation has been built on excellence in quality, as well as service, price and our relationships with our customers. The “old fashioned” business values that Earl Elenbaas established more than 65 years ago still work today. We are continuing to grow and expand. We appreciate your business and the key to our success is you. Thank you!